I like instruction manuals. There is something about their clean lines in sharp black and white that appeals to me. Instruction manuals have a rich history. One example is the Ripley Scroll. A wonderful and strange alchemical diagram from the 15th century.

I have been working on art with instruction manuals and diagrams as inspiration for years. It hasn’t really gone anywhere, but I continue.

Instruction 1

Instructp2SMALLInstruction 3Instruction 4

I have spent a lot of time recently working on big pictures so I decided to do some little pieces for a change.

bird boxes that could brighten up Stokes Croft and the Bear Pit

I remember spotting the various bird boxes in the trees of Queens Square for the first time. They were a pleasant surprise. All shapes and sizes, they intruded in to the urban environment nicely.

I work in Stokes Croft and I feel that it could do with it’s own kind of bird boxes that match the atmosphere of the place. They could be made with scrap wood and then brightly coloured.

I have started work on a new large drawing. The drawing is made up of swirls, lines and a large black circle. I am interested in exploring how thousands of tiny individual elements combine to make something more than the sum of their parts. The circle is such a beautiful form and forms the centrepiece.